The Advantages of Hiring a Skip for Your Project

Posted on: 10 January 2022

If you want to get rid of large amounts of rubbish or debris from your property, you could opt for skip bin hire. Here are several advantages.


Skip bin hire is convenient. The skip is delivered to your property, and you can fill it up in your own time when you need to. Usually, you'll have a set time, between one and seven days, for example, before the skip company will pick it up. Thus, everything is done for you. All you need to do is dispose of your waste.

Variety of Waste Materials

Skip bins are available for a wide variety of materials, so you're bound to find one to take what you're getting rid of. Some skips are suitable for general household waste, such as clothes and furniture. These are ideal if you're moving house and want to declutter. Other skips can hold construction materials like bricks and concrete. Your contractors can then dump discarded wall and floor bits if you're remodelling. Other skips are appropriate for garden waste. When hiring one, check precisely what is allowed. Some materials may be excluded, such as asbestos and old paint cans.


Some skip bins are dedicated to specific recyclable materials. For example, smashed bits of concrete can be recycled or mounds of soil can be repurposed, which you may need to get rid of if you're excavating. Thus, you can recycle your materials rather than contribute to a landfill.

Size Options

You can also pick between different sized skip bins so you don't have to pay for a huge one if you only have a small bathroom renovation to cope with. The hire company can offer guidance on which capacity is best. If you underestimate the skip size, you may need two, and this could turn out to be more expensive in the long run.

You might be able to picture how big a skip you'll need. A washing machine and drier next to each other often take up about one cubic meter, which is one metre wide, high, and deep. The skips are defined in cubic metres, and you could use this general picture to estimate how large a capacity you'll need.

Also, think about where you'll place the skip. You'll probably need council approval to put it on the nature strip. Check with your council to ensure you're following their requirements and not breaking any regulations. Some require approval for skips of a certain size.