Choosing the Right Skip Bin Hire Company for your Needs

Posted on: 25 September 2017

Skip bin hire services come in handy because they offer a safe and healthy way in the disposal of waste. With many service providers out there, it can be a bit of a challenge trying to find the right company that suits your specific needs. For this reason, you must be careful when choosing a particular firm to avoid disappointment or perils associated with improper waste management like the spread of diseases. Nonetheless, this article makes the process a little bit easier. The tips provided herein will help you to understand aspects to look out for in a skip-bin hire company.

Truck Size -- Truck sizes for managing skip bins will vary from one service provider to the next. For instance, some firms will deliver many bins in one large truck, whereas others will use truck-specific bins. Most importantly, you should find out what size of vehicles the company you intend to engage in garbage management has. For example, if the firm uses big trucks and the street or driveway leading up to your drop off point is narrow, then you will have a problem. As such, before making a booking, you want to make sure that the trucks can deliver your skip-bins exactly where you want them dropped off.

Timely Garbage Removal -- According to Australian laws, if you leave your garbage outside on the streets for an extended period, then you are likely to be penalized. The fines are even steeper if you fill the skip bin with hazardous materials. Therefore, once you have made a booking with a skip bin company, they have to remove the garbage from your property on the agreed date without fail. To avoid any delays, call the skip-bin hire company two days before the trash collection date for confirmation and assurance. You will save yourself time and money by taking the precautionary measure.

Disinfecting and Air Freshening Services -- It is widely known that vegetable waste produces a strong, irritating smell when left in a skip bin for some time, which attracts equally annoying flies. While some skip-bin service providers simply deliver and collect skip bins, other will go the extra mile and offer disinfecting as well as air freshening services. In most cases, this is an after sale service. As such, in your search for a skip bin leasing company ask about the type of after-sales services offered in addition to basic garbage management.