Two situations in which you might want to hire a skip bin

Posted on: 15 October 2017

Skip bins can be extremely useful in certain circumstances. Read on to find out more about two situations in which it might be worth hiring skip bins.

You're renovating your home

Renovating your home is a very messy process which usually creates a huge amount of construction-related waste. You will probably end up with a very large pile of rubbish, made up of the building materials you removed from your home (such as old kitchen cupboards, timber, wall plaster, carpeting and tiles), and the packaging from the new materials you have had fitted.

If you don't have a skip bin on your property, you will be forced to leave this construction waste in a pile in your garden or stuffed into dozens of rubbish bags in your garage. This could be quite dangerous if you have young children or pets, as they could accidentally come across this rubbish and sustain a cut or other injury (by, for example, picking up a rusty old nail or a sharp piece of timber).

You will also have to eventually gather it all up and drop it off at a local rubbish dump. This can be a lengthy and exhausting process, particularly if you have a huge amount of refuse to get rid of. 

Hiring a skip bin can eliminate both of these problems; it will serve as a safe space to store your construction waste (skip bins usually have tall walls that young children and pets will not be able to clamber over) and spare you the stress of having to travel to a rubbish dump to get rid of your refuse (as the company who you hire the skip bin from will handle this on your behalf).

You're clearing out your overgrown garden

If your garden is extremely overgrown and you intend to clear it out, you will probably need to hire a skip bin, as activities like cutting down trees, trimming hedges, weeding and dismantling old sheds will generate a substantial amount of waste, which may not fit into your normal residential waste bins.

Trying to complete this challenging task without a skip bin could be quite stressful, as the garden waste will build up quickly, potentially to the point where it serves as an obstruction that prevents you from fully accessing certain areas of your outdoor space.

Like the above-mentioned construction waste, garden refuse can also be quite hazardous if you have dogs, cats or children, as it often contains thorn-covered stems, rusty panels from old sheds and heavy branches.

As such, if you want to ensure that your gardening efforts don't result in your stress levels rising or your family members being injured, it's best to rent at least one skip bin.