Skip Bin Hire Violations That May Cause You Great Inconvenience and Cost You Money

Posted on: 3 October 2017

When you're talking about removal of rubbish from your home, skip bin hire is one of the things that probably usually springs to mind. Skip bins can be used to help remove various types of waste from the home, but not everything can be put into these bins. For this reason, skip bin hire services usually prohibit loading of certain hazardous waste materials, including asbestos, lead paints, household chemicals, car batteries, electronics, etc. into the bins they provide. 

As a skip bin renter, you're expected to use your bin only for the accepted purpose, but there are other violations that may also be considered a breach of terms of service. These include the following:

Improper placement of the bin after delivery

Your skip bin hire service will do their best to place your bin in your desired location. If possible, your bins should be placed within the confines of your property, e.g. in the lawn or driveway. This will help prevent other people from accessing your bin and filling it irresponsibly. Aside from this, the local council may impose a violation fine if the bin is placed on public property. To avoid this violation, the driver will exercise discretion over the placement of your bin. 

Repositioning the bin yourself may be considered to be a violation of the terms of service, especially if the bin gets damaged or if the driver cannot access it for collection. In the instance that there's not enough space within your property, you'll need to obtain a permit from the local council before the bin is dropped off and placed on adjacent public land. To avoid killing the grass or damaging the driveway, consider elevating the bin.

Overloading of the bin

To ensure the safety of their drivers and everyone else on the roads, skip bin service providers usually warn their customers against overloading their bins, especially when dealing with heavy waste such as construction waste. Hence, when ordering a skip bin, you should find out about its maximum load capacity. 

Make sure you rent a bin whose load capacity equals or slightly exceeds can the total weight of your rubbish. Also, make sure not to fill your bin beyond the threshold, so as to avoid a missed collection.

If you violate any or all of these terms of service, your skip bin hire service will impose financial penalties. What is more, your rubbish may not be picked up until you've corrected the collection mistake.