A Heavy Concern: Skip Bin Solutions for When You're Worried About Your Driveway

Posted on: 21 September 2017

Skip bins obviously need to be big and strong to serve their intended purpose. But when ordering a skip bin, you need to take its size and subsequent weight into consideration. And that's just the weight of the empty bin. Of course its overall weight will drastically increase once you've filled it up. Chances are that it will be deposited on your driveway for easy access, and with most driveways this is unlikely to be an issue in terms of the weight of the bin.

But what are some circumstances in which the weight of your chosen size of skip bin can be a problem? And what can you do about it? 

The Potential for Damage

The weight of the bin is only likely to be an issue if the paved area beneath it has been compromised in some way. There might be existing cracks in the paving which have not noticeably worsened as a result of the weight of your vehicle passing over them. The weight of the skip bin is another matter entirely. There is also the possibility of damage if your driveway is painted, or if it's comprised of some varieties of tiles. So what should you do if you're concerned about the effect that the skip bin will have on your driveway?

A Wood-Based Solution

Ask the skip bin company if they can provide suitable lengths of timber to place under the bin. These will evenly distribute the weight of the bin with less of the underside of the bin coming into contact with your driveway. If the bin company is not able to provide suitable pieces of wood, you might be able to source them yourself.

On the Lawn

Another option is to have the bin placed on your front lawn. It's possible that this will damage the grass and leave a noticeable indentation (particularly if the lawn is wet) but it can be preferable to having the bin placed on a potentially fragile paved area. Again, wooden planks placed underneath the bin will lessen its impact on the grass.

On the Street

You might simply wish to have the bin placed on the street directly outside your home, meaning that both your driveway and lawn will be spared the weight. This can only be possible if the right permits have been acquired from your local council (and the bin hire company can often help with this for a small surcharge) and that parking restrictions allow the bin to be placed there.

It's good to know that there are options if you're concerned that the weight of a skip bin might damage your driveway.